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Aug-2018-Vitamins-and-Minerals-Part-Two.pdf (437 KB)

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients we require day to day because of the many roles they play inside the body. These essential nutrients can be obtained by eating a healthy and varied diet however due to several factors, supplements are required to fulfil the low nutrient intake.

Water Soluble Vitamins

+ Vitamin B
+ Vitamin C
Absorbed directly into the bloodstream but only in limited amounts. Excess vitamins are removed in urine as waste.

Fat Soluble Vitamins

+ Vitamin A
+ Vitamin D
+ Vitamin E
+ Vitamin K
Enters the blood via carrier proteins and are stored in fats to be released once required.

Major Minerals

+ Calcium
+ Chloride
+ Magnesium
+ Phosphorus
+ Potassium
+ Sodium
+ Sulphur
Maintain the proper balance of water in the body.


Trace Minerals

+ Chromium
+ Copper
+ Fluoride
+ Iodine
+ Iron
+ Manganese
+ Molybdenum
+ Selenium
+ Zinc
Essential minerals only required in small amounts.

Michelle Nguyen