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SYDNEY, Australia, 16 March 2020 – Vitex Pharmaceuticals’ Chief Procurement Officer, Lucie Chami, discusses the impact of Coronavirus on procurement via Podcast on Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS).

Before she heard news media reports about Coronavirus, Lucie Chami learnt that one of her suppliers had a “medical problem” in delaying production. Within a couple of days, she was in the thick of a procurement crisis.

In this edition of Global Sourcing Insights Podcast, Ms Chami introduces Vitex Pharmaceuticals and its supply exposure to China. She examines her initial response to the situation, her concerns and what has been the effect so far. Furthermore, Ms Chami explains the analysis, approach and strategies implemented during these fast-changing times.

CIPS is providing first-hand information from people who are dealing directly with this crisis and who represent an overall global perspective. Furthermore, the value of this information in essentially real time is to start forming lessons learnt from this experience that might relate to organisations moving forward.

For more details and to listen to the full discussion, click on the following link





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