CEO of Vitex Pharmaceuticals, Dr Aniss Chami is proud to be appointed as a career ambassador for Careers NSW.

July 22, 2022

During an interview with Careers NSW, Dr Chami discusses how his personal influences, motivations, risks, and challenges enabled him to become an exemplary executive in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Dr Chami shares sound career advice by explaining howto leverage learnings from a lifetime of challenges and successes.


He states that “people starting out in their careers should try to make decisions with a perception about what could happen tomorrow. You need to think of the future before it happens.”


Dr Chami attributes his biggest influence on his father, Elie. An immigrant to Australia from Lebanon, Elie started the business in 1989 and persuaded his son to shift away from practicing medicine to become a pharmaceutical executive. The convincing argument has been remembered to this day - “As a doctor you can help one patient at a time, as a CEO you can help many at the same time”. His earlier education has boosted his career achievements as his safety and scientific expertise helps him balance running a pharmaceutical company against the challenges of the global economy.


As a successful business owner risk is inevitable. Dr Chami insists “A philosophical approach to embracing the possibility of failure is key to appreciating success. Failure is part of the job. And a good CEO must be able to balance risk with reward.”


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About Vitex Pharmaceuticals

Vitex Pharmaceuticals is a leading contract manufacturer of Australian-made vitamins, supplements and wellness products. From its 26,000sqm best-in-class facility in Sydney, Australia, Vitex is fully equipped to formulate, manufacture and package a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, herbal and nutritional supplements including tablets, soft gel capsules, two-piece hard gel capsules and powders.

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