Evolution of the Vitex Logo

July 11, 2014

11 July 2014, Sydney, Australia:

Over the past year, you may have witnessed major investment and growth at Vitex. The natural step for us on this journey is to see our logo – one that we’ve had for more than 15 years – evolve.

As General Manager of Vitex Pharmaceuticals, I am pleased to introduce our new visual identity that reflects our company’s significant expansion and vision for the future. It is a modern redesign that is more reflective of our entrepreneurial spirit and underscored by our tenets of integrity, quality and innovation.

With the warm recognition we have received since its unveiling this week, we wanted to share with our key partners and colleagues the story of this evolution.

Our new brand identity brings excitement with simplified forms and fresher colours, while building on a signature “V”. Three key elements deliver a new level of dynamism and impact:

  • Curve-edged, solid rectangular shapes fit neatly together to represent solidity, quality and expertise.
  • The overlapping shapes create a ‘droplet’ element. This crossover solidifies Vitex’s position as the important link between client and regulatory authorities.
  • The free-flowing molecule formations depict particles found within the formula of each product.

These three elements connect to create the letter V, whilst also representing the trinity of Vitex’s core business. Enterprise (client) – Delivery (Vitex) – Market (consumer). Together, they represent a clean and modern update to the core identity of our company.

Our new look symbolises our passion for progress and leads us into a new era for Vitex.

This is an incredibly exciting year for Vitex Pharmaceuticals as we diversify our business further into key areas including Veterinary Health. As we continue to make significant leaps in growth and enjoy additional economies of scale, we are also proud to build further our reputation as one of the highest quality manufacturers in the industry.

Our recent expansion includes:

  • Acquisition of two full-sites
  • 300% increase in tablet compression and film coating capacity
  • 120% increase in hardgel encapsulation capacity
  • 200% increase in softgel encapsulation capacity
  • 200% increase in packaging capacity
  • In-house Laboratory: assists in the achieving both shorter lead times for both raw material and finished product testing as well as a reduction in costs
  • Stability chambers: all products on stability are stored on site. All chambers commissioned to the following specifications: Temperature control from 25 to 40°C and Humidity control from 60 to 75 % RH

Our website is also undergoing a refresh as we look to offer greater engagement and transparency with our clients. Over the coming months, you will continue to see major changes at Vitex and we welcome your feedback.

We thank you for choosing Vitex Pharmaceuticals as your key partner and we look forward to making everything possible together.

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